World Suicide Prevention Day

Hello, beautiful sisters! One of my crosses is depression. I am not afraid of it. It does not define me. But it's been a journey. About a year ago, my depression was in full swing and I sometimes had no idea how I was going to make it to the next day. I had to… Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day

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Why a Fear of Being Frumpy Shouldn’t Keep You from Dressing Modestly

Hello sisters! In the last few posts, we have discussed the importance of modesty. Hopefully we have inspired you in your journey of dressing with dignity and purpose. A common criticism of modesty is that it is impossible to dress modestly but still keep some sense of style. And I admit that there are a… Continue reading Why a Fear of Being Frumpy Shouldn’t Keep You from Dressing Modestly

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Why Modesty: Far Too Precious

Dear Sister*, Last time, Veronica discussed modesty and how it is about presenting ourselves as confident, godly women. Today, we're going to talk about how modesty is part of living out our vocation. As Christians, we have many vocations. The word vocation is from the Latin vocare, to call. A vocation is that we are loved… Continue reading Why Modesty: Far Too Precious

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Why Modesty: Dressing with Dignity and Purpose

Hello sisters! Veronica here today! With this post, we are starting a three-part series called Why Modesty? The goal of this series to explain our perspective on modesty and hopefully show you why it is so important. This first part will be focusing on how modesty shows our dignity. So I don't know where you're… Continue reading Why Modesty: Dressing with Dignity and Purpose